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Strong mechanical customer service, a bridge between users and users of the Window Company directly. "Customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit," the purpose of wholeheartedly for the user to provide services. We have the full range of first-class technical and management services, and you are more comfortable with the use of Huasheng products, and other customers with the support of features, you more fully feel the service. 
 When you are in doubt, first of all, you can help your nearest dealer. If you can solve the problem of the dealers, to provide in the shortest period of time. Service hotline, our service personnel to provide services directly. 
 When you are in doubt, your questions are fed back to the message board, and your email and telephone number must be given. Our service staff will answer your information within 2 business days and notify us of the first time. 
 We're visiting, sir. Telephone users access files, record all problems, relevant information, deal with the situation of the problem, but users access all the problems, completely solve the time, guarantee the user promised the date, resume. 
 For real-time users on the issue of early warning, ability, and timely feedback to the relevant departments, positive action to prevent the recurrence of the problem. 
 In the regular user problems are summarized, published the answer quickly, with a strong Chinese website and telephone user fax machine.

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